On-Line Maintenance Request

Welcome to "Fix@Reed", the UWA Housing on-line maintenance request form for members of the Reed Hall staff.  If you have a maintenance concern in your residence hall, you can report it right here.  Just answer the questions below and press the submit button.

NOTE: If your maintenance problem is an emergency, don't complete this form.  Contact the Housing Office at ext. 3686.  After hours, hall directors should contact the Physical Plant at ext. 3602.


Please provide the following contact information:

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What is the name of your residence hall?

Reed Hall

Is this problem in a common area or a room?

Laundry Room
Room (By the Door)
Room (By the Bathroom)

What is the room number that has the problem?         
(For common areas, indicate a nearby room)


What kind of maintenance problem are you reporting?

Please fill out a separate request form for each problem

  Air Conditioner/Heater
  Lights Out/Electrical
Air Conditioner Not Cooling
Main Light is Out
Broken Bed
Air Conditioner Is Leaking
Light Near Bed is Out
Bed-Frame Shakes
Heater Not Heating
Desk Light is Out
Damaged Mattress
Heater/Air Conditioner (Other)
Light Over Dresser is Out
Kitchen Drawer
  Main Kitchen Light is Out
Kitchen Cabinet
  Light Over Stove is Out
Broken Chair
Light Over Sink is Out
Broken Desk
Main Bathroom Light is Out
Closet Problem (See Below)
Heat Lamp is Out
Other Furniture Problem (See Below)
Bathroom Faucet Drips
Light In Stairwell Is Out
Kitchen Faucet Drips
Hallway Light Is Out
Breezeway Light Is Out
Mold on Ceiling
Plumbing Problem (Other)
Cable TV
Mold Problem (Describe Below)
  Smoke Detector
Handrail Is Loose
  Bathroom Fan Is Broken
Curtain Is Ripped/Broken
Electrical Outlet Problem
Mini-Blinds Broken
Electrical Problem (Other)   
Window Screen Missing
Freezer Door Is Broken
Window Screen Ripped
  Broken Window
Washer Doesn't Run
Housekeeping Concerns
Dryer Is Not Hot
Lock Problem
Lawn & Grounds
Dryer Doesn't Run
Door Knob Problem
Room Number Missing
Coin Slot Stuck (Dryer)
Other Door Problems
Pest/Bug Problem
Coin Slot Stuck (Washer)
  Other (Describe Below)


Describe, in detail, the problem indicated above:


Have you reported this problem previously?

If you are a real person submitting a real maintenance request, please enter 1835.

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